Q:I didn't receive what I paid for.

A: Sometimes, you will need to wait up to 3 hours before your Game Coins or VIP are activated after Recharge.
If your Game Coins or VIP are not activated in your account within 3 hours, please open a Billing & Payment Questions ticket.
We will answer you and check the issue as soon as possible.

Q:No automatic renewal of VIP.

A: If your VIP was confirmed with the payment channel, it is now a subscription.
Please do not renew your VIP when your VIP membership expires. The system will automatically renew it for you.

Q:Account and password.

A: The game account can be: official website accounts, Facebook accounts and other kinds of accounts from other channels.
The data from different channels accounts might be different.
Please, remember to keep your password and account information safely and never trade it with strangers to ensure the safety of your account.

Q:Forgot password.

A: If you play on Facebook, your password is your Facebook account password. Please, contact Facebook to get it back.
If you play on the official website, we suggest you to change your password using your registration email in the Login Page first.

Q:Forgot account.

A:Your account information is very important, please keep it safe.
If you forgot it, please make a new account to open a ticket.
Send us your issue with all the information you remember from your old account: character name, server, Recharge records…
the more information you give to us, the easier it will be to find your account.

Q:My account was stolen.

A:If your account is registered through Facebook, please contact Facebook customer service.
If your account is registered through the official website, use your account email to change your password and retrieve your account.
If you can't retrieve your account, open a ticket and include all the information you remember: character name, server, Recharge records…
the more information you give to us, the easier it will be to find your account.
After retrieving your account, we will restore the items that might be lost according to our records.

Q:Lag problems.

A:The first time you login in the game or open a function it can take a little while to open.
Clear your browser cache or change your browser to achieve the fastest gaming experience.

Q:Lost connection

A:Please, pay attention to the announcements in our official website and Facebook fan page.
Sometimes the game will go under maintenance or will be updated and the server will close.
Log out before the announced maintenance to avoid unnecessary loss.
If there is not an announcement in the official website nor Facebook fan page and you can’t still log in,
please open a ticket to report the issue.
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